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Many firms provide extraordinary value on certain types of matters by using a production line approach – employing the same legal processes over and over again to substantially similar problems.  Our approach to the law is, by contrast, artisanal. Our focus serves clients facing the out of the ordinary case with high personal stakes. We obtain a significant portion of our work by referral from other law firms; we are also happy to refer your matter to another firm if we determine that to be in your best interests. 

The firm’s two partners have worked as a team throughout their careers.  Mr. Funt is responsible for planning the case, and often conducts in-depth interviews, reviews disclosure, analyzes the legal issues, and drafts arguments.  Mr. Funt also appears in court on select occasions, both as lead counsel and as second chair.  Ms. Jasper brings a passion for courtroom advocacy to her practice.  As an immigrant to Canada, Ms. Jasper also assists fellow immigrants to Canada with all variety of applications.

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