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The criminal law treats crimes of violence with great seriousness.  If a police complaint is made about an altercation, the police and the Crown counsel are not going to say “boys-will-be-boys”.  If you have been charged, we will bring our full suite of skills to bear to have the charges withdrawn, your matter dealt with by an alternative resolution, or, if need be, your charge defended at trial.  Do not let a misunderstanding result in your bearing a criminal record for decades to come.  Please call us and we will let you know how we can help.  

Sex Crimes

Crimes alleging sexual misconduct bear incredible stigma.  As the sexual mores of our society have loosened in most respects, there has never been a greater social taboo associated with violations of another`s sexual integrity.  The scarlet letter has been replaced with the sex offender registry. 

The nature of sexual allegations is that they are frequently alleged to have occurred in private, where corroborating evidence will not be expected owing to its lack of availability.  Unlike other offences, alleged incidents years or even decades old are routinely brought before the courts. 

In order to meet a sex crime charge, you need counsel who will do more than simply call the complainant a liar, or the Crown`s investigation incomplete.  You need counsel who will drag the facts into court, and who will establish a foundation in evidence that this particular allegation is false. 


In contemporary criminal law practice, there is murder and there is everything else.  Murder carries a mandatory sentence of imprisonment for life – whether a convicted murderer ever walks the streets again is thereafter the discretionary determination of the National Parole Board.  Murder charges are by default tried before a jury, except with the consent of the Crown, which consent is not always forthcoming. 

In order to fight a homicide charge, you need counsel who can grapple with an expansive police investigation, using it against the Crown.  You need counsel who can go the distance.  Our approach emphasizes advance preparation, defence in depth, and energetic advocacy.  We refuse to be overwhelmed by the resources of the state. 

Fraud and Tax Evasion

Many smart people are used to thinking of numbers as constituting facts, rather than mere argument.  At Funt & Company, we have seen enough RCMP and CRA fraud investigations to know better.  We are fully equipped to parry opponents who use numbers as their weapons.  We have studied the inner workings of these investigations, and are adept at marshalling defences on the merits as well as identifying violations of an accused person`s rights.  Please contact us and we will explain how we can help. 

Drug Offence

It is illegal to deal drugs in Canada, and it is illegal for a reason.  The Court takes allegations of drug dealing very seriously.  There is no such thing as a sweet deal on a cocaine charge. 

Drug cases involve difficult issues of search and seizure law, civil liberties, criminal procedure, cutting edge communications technology, and even accounting. We have the legal and tactical savvy to defend drug charges.  Let us tell you how we can help.  

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